What everyone was saying about last year…

February 13, 2009 at 11:36 am (Uncategorized)

  • Consider me hangin’ out with my rang out.
  • I can put you in beach house, right on the edge of Costa Rica. Put one of them little flowers in your hair have you lookin like a fly mamacita — rang-o.
  • Rang Rang on the door baby Rang Rang.
  • Can I brang anything?
  • Every time I come around your city, Rang Rang
  • Crab Ran Goonies Never Say Die!!!…………….Because it’s their rangoons. Their rangoons! Up there! Down here, it’s our rangoons. It’s our rangoons down here. That’s all over the second we ride up Troy’s bucket.
  • we can dance, we can dance, everybody look at your rangs
  • She rang, she rang…oh baby when she moves, she moves
  • you’ve gotta let me know, are we rangoons or are we dumplings?
  • I get it in ’til the sun rise…going 90 in a 65…windows rolled down… screamin’.. “ah..hey ey…ey…I’m so Rang”
  • how do you talk to a rangoon? how do you hold her close to where you are?
  • I ate 99 Rangs but I still ain’t won…. If you having lactard problems I feel bad for you son…. I ate 99 Rangs but I still ain’t done….hit me
  • this is not good for my biggest loser competition, but what the rang, count me in
  • oh hot dang… this is my rang… keep me partyin until the A.M… y’all don’t understand… make me throw my rang in the ayer… ayer… ayer
  • say my rang, say my rang….. when no one is around you, say rangoon I love you.
  • ationalney abcrey angoonrey aydey – a innerwey
  • I am a Rangaholic Rex. Sometimes I fill my bathtubs with rang cheese and get inside…I pretend like I am trapped in a giant rang and try to eat my way out!
  • Can’t wait to rang chung!!
  • I feel the adrenaline movin’ through my RANGS. Spotlight on me and I’m ready to eat.
  • Let it Rang Let it Rang Let it Rang
  • I just met a 5 foot 7 Rang who’s just my type
  • Rang dang dong, rang-gading rang rang dong…Keep their headz Rangin’
  • If you like then you shoulda put a Rang on it
  • My Rang shake brings all the boys to the yard

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