Crab Rangoon Day in the Wall Street Journal

February 13, 2009 at 7:46 am (Uncategorized)

Send Me No Flowers

A Valentine’s Day resistance movement – with a line of cards.


Behold Cupid, the dimpled cherub of yore: a pink-cheeked, golden-curled purveyor of love, affection and heart-shaped Whitman’s Samplers. He’s everywhere this month — and, suddenly, so are people who want to wing him.

Grant Robertson

“Cupid,” reads an e-card from American Greetings. “For years, he’s been a pain in your rear end. Now it’s time to return the favor.” Recipients can shoot arrows at Cupid’s backside.

The interactive card is among American Greetings’ anti-Valentine’s Day collection, an ironic offering from an industry that profits greatly from Feb. 14. Even in a cautious economy, the National Retail Federation expects consumers to spend more than $14 billion this year on Valentine cards, meals and gifts. Valentine’s Day trails only Christmas in card sending, and it is the busiest holiday for the U.S. florist industry, which expects a quarter of adults to buy flowers this week.

But there’s increasing grumbling about Valentine’s Day, a vaguely defined occasion that forces people, at arrow-point, to declare their deepest emotions, and maybe even to manufacture some that aren’t there….

In Boston, three friends — Kara Sweeney, Sarah White and Kristin Ostrem — decided to discard Valentine’s Day for something they really cared about: the deep-fried dumplings known as crab rangoons. They declared Feb. 13 to be National Crab Rangoon Day and organized celebrations this year in Boston, New York and Vail, Colo. Crab rangoons do not yet outsell conversation hearts, but they’re hoping.

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